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Friday, March 12, 2010

Blackberry DB Backup BESMgmt BlackberryDBBackup.exe

Ok, so if anyone is interested in backing up the MSDE database for the Blackberry Enterprise Server, you may have come across a command called blackberrydbbackup.exe. 
And you most likely would have run into issues with using it. 

The help, when executing the program without switches shows a command -d for specifying the database, -E for using windows credentials, and -f for the backup folder:
blackberrydbbackup.exe -d BESMgmt -E -f c:\backup 

That does not work, no matter what you seem to do, even though Blackberry support and all forums show it as being the proper command sequence. 

Well after a half hour of hitting my head against the wall, a solution was born:

blackberrydbbackup -dBESMgmt -E -f c:\backup 

Note the no space after the -d and the .exe taken out. 
When the script was written, it seems someone made a few mistakes. 
The .exe extension is taken as a part of the switch it seems, and the help needs to be modified to reflect the -dDBname. 

Dont even bother using -U and -P for username and password. Nothing i tried worked. 
-U domain\besadmin 
-U domain\BESAdmin 
-U BESAdmin 
-U besadmin 
-U BESAdmin@domain 
-U:all of the above and the same for -P of course. 

When scheduling the script for this using Windows Scheduler, -E is enough, as the windows credentials will be passed. 
Just enter the besadmin info when saving the job. 

Someone posted online about using the AT command to run as a system service along with -U and -P so as to not have to change the password for the job each time the Besadmin pw changed. 
That makes no difference, as even if you got the -U and -P to work properly, when the besadmin pw is changed you would still have to modify the script with the new -P. 

By the way the tool along with blackberrydbrestore.exe is located in the tools folder on the Blackberry cd. 

 Thank you

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