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Monday, July 27, 2020

Windows 10 Display settings closes as soon as opened - Solved

Came across a very interesting issue, Windows 10 Enterprise 1903 (and 2004), cannot open display properties to change monitor settings. As soon as you right click on the desktop and hit Display settings, the application opens and closes right away. 
Going through Start > Settings > System > Display resulted in the same issue.
Bringing up display services through command line or a start search, resulted in the same issue.
This problem is not present in previous version of Windows 10, including LTSB. 
Windows 10 Enterprise 1909 did not have this problem as Microsoft fixed it.
Windows 10 Enterprise 2004 has the problem.

The only way to open the display properties is to login as the first created admin account on the system, no one else can open them.

After quite a bit of research and trying everything i can find online, opened a case with Microsoft and we found a solution. 

Microsoft has an internal article describing the problem that was introduced with version of Windows 10 1903, where display settings and other setting components try to pull data from "Connected Devices Platform Service" (CDPSvc) and "Network Connection Broker" (NcbService). 

In our environment the "Connected Devices Platform Service" was disabled. As soon as we set it to automatic and started, everything opened up successfully.

We have created a GPO that sets the service to automatic, and starts it.

Hopefully this helps people out.